High Performance Vinyl

Vinyl is just Vinyl

Vinyl is just vinyl, you say? When it comes to the level of quality used by Crivello Signs, vinyl isn’t just vinyl. We’re using high performance vinyl on your vehicles that endure the weather changes of the northeast. Based on the quality and life of this vinyl we think you’ll come to agree, if you don’t already. Read on.

Differences between high performance vinyl and low performance vinyl.

High Performance Vinyl 

Low Performance Vinyl

  • 7 to 8 years Life Span
  • Color doesn’t run
  • Good for Exterior Signs, Vehicle Lettering and Graphics
  • Good for long term use
  •  3 to 4 years Life Span
  • Oxidation of pigment causes the color to run from rain or melting snow
  • Good for Interior Signs, Banners
  • Good for short term use

Types of Vinyl

Metallic vinyl.

Metallic vinyl has metal flakes in the vinyl.  Metallic vinyl has a “Sparkle” effect. Metallic vinyl can be applied to hoods, trunks of cars, the dashboard, gauges, interior accessories, gas door lids, wheels, mirrors, handles, glass, cell phones, motorcycle plastics, metal and just about anything.

Opaque vinyl.

Opaque vinyl does have color, despite what you would think from the name. Opaque vinyl is non-light transmitting. This type of vinyl will not allow light to shine through the vinyl.  If put opaque vinyl onto an acrylic or lexan, it will block most or all light from shining through the sign face.  Opaque vinyl are used for most sign applications such as yard signs, window lettering, vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps.  These vinyls come in both intermediate (3 to 5 year lifespan) and hi-performance (7 to 9 year lifespan) which vary in price depending on what brand of vinyl is purchased.

High Performance Vinyl - Metallic. Crivello Signs

  Metallized PVC films vinyl  

Reflective Vinyl.

Reflective vinyl catches the light. This is great for vehicles because your vehicle lettering and graphics will be seen in the dark as well as the day. As you drive around other car lights will light up your company advertising. Reflective vinyl is great for use on fire trucks and ambulances because of its reflective quality. Works best on level surfaces.

 In summary, High Performance Vinyl is the vinyl of choice. You make an investment to advertise on your truck or vehicle and you want it to last. Choosing high performance vinyl is a smart choice! It’s a smart investment for long term returns.

Not sure which vinyl works for your vehicle lettering or exterior signs? Contact Crivello Signs to guide you through the process. For more information, visit our website at www.crivellosigns.com or call us at (781) 769-4478.

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sign foam. A long lasting alternative to wood signs.

Foam Signs. A long lasting alternative to Wood Signs.

Featuring our Customer – NewField Woods

The existing sign for NewField Woods is made of wood that has rotted and become infested with insects. Over the 15 years of its life it has been repainted, it has had pieces rebuilt and pieces replaced.

Crivello Signs, Inc. is using a urethane composite material that will fare better than any wood sign material that must endure the New England weather.

The Before and After image below shows the wood sign on the left and the brand new, foam sign on the right. Not only material change but a small rounded shape at the top of the sign was incorporated for a higher impact, more interesting appearance.

New Field Woods Condominium Before and After using Urethane foam signs

Urethane Foam Signs have become A long lasting alternative to Wood Signs.

Typically a wood sign with any dimension will have joints. It’s usually not just one big solid piece. New England weather extreme cold to extreme heat causes expansion and contraction. This allows water to seep into the joints, eventually rotting the wood away. Not the case with  high density urethane foam.

This proven, high-density urethane (HDU) foam board delivers exceptional versatility and outstanding value, whether carved, routed, sandblasted or machined.

It’s a little more money but its the best product available to the trade. It’s lifespan will prove the savings.

People often ask us “what can you do to restore or fix a sign? Repainting a wood sign is just a bandaid. Paint fails to fill in the gaps and seams weather has revealed. The benefits of the high density urethane foam signs have far lasting qualities. All you will have to do to restore a foam sign would be to wash it down and repaint it.

Urethane does not decompose. The only thing that gets compromised is the finish. To get the best life of the finish, Crivello Signs uses a Benjamin Moore  latex aura, a premium exterior paint that provides a seal to the material. This paint of choice for architects.

Advantages at a Glance of High-Density Urethane Sign Foam

  • It is completely waterproof
    • SIGN·FOAM is not an organic material. Nothing can soak through the surface to the interior of the material. It is 100% waterproof before you put a drop of paint on the surface.
  • It will withstand extreme heat or cold
  • It won’t warp or bow
  • SIGN·FOAM is a “Green” Creative medium in any color created from 240 recycled plastic water bottles in every sheet.
    • SIGN·FOAM is environmentally friendly. Not only does it save trees as an optimal wood replacement, it is sustainably produced, with a minimum of  16 percent green content. In fact, every sheet contains 240 recycled plastic water bottles. So, this material is better for your work, better for the earth, and better for your health. What’s more, this eco-friendly solution can contribute LEED certification points for building credits. SIGN·FOAM is nontoxic and made in the U.S.A.
  • SIGN·FOAM will not rot, decay or decompose.
  • It will withstand extreme heat or cold because it is unaffected by temperature, humidity or barometric pressure
  • SIGN·FOAM is highly chemically resistant. Urethane foam signs
  • For 3D graphics it is the Artists choice for creating stunning dimensional signs

Types of Finishes Available for Urethane Foam Signs

  • Satin
  • Semi Gloss
  • High Gloss Mirror finish
  • Matte finish

Satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss are easy to maintain as they only need light washing to maintain the composite sign. These are the top choices for Cape Cod. Matte finish is not recommended. It shows all the imperfections. It’s not sun resistant or pollen resistant. And the rain soaks in and permeates the finish causing marking and staining.

Custom Options Available to you with our Urethane Foam Signs

We can carve into the composite material. Therefore, the possibilities open up.

  • We can create raised or carved dimensional letters and images
    • Aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode. We clear coat it for extra protection.
  • Gold leaf lettering adds a high end quality and class to your sign
  • Add a Smaltz finish. A smaltz finish contains crushed fine black glass mixed in and glued to the finish. This adds an amazing appearance.
    • It reduces glare in sun
    • It adds a textured finish
    • It’s durable
    • It looks great in gold leaf sign because of its glare reducing capabilities
  • You can select sheets in multiple densities. Choose a standard or custom thickness, depending on your project.

Crivello Signs, Inc. has solutions for any application and budget. We are your creative sign design specialists.

For a Free, no obligation Sign Design Consultation and quote, call us today at 781-769-4478 OR visit us at www.crivellosigns.com.

wood signs versus foam signs

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Green Home Solutions Before Branding Modification

Logo Design and Branding unveiling

Featured Customer: Green Home Solutions

For Green Home solutions, Crivello Signs put together overall creative design extending their existing logo design and branding.

Although their logo design and branding was in existence as part of the franchise, Crivello Signs added a few things to help Adam Niden, owner of the Norwood Green Home Solutions, be original to the area and add some personality.

Our marketing strategy was

  • to modify their existing logo design and branding
  • extend logo and branding by creating print design for door hangers and business cards
  • extend logo and branding by designing vehicle lettering and graphics

Modified existing logo design and  brandingGHSLogoDoorVan

Typical Green Home Solutions Van Before Branding Modification

We started with the logo of the frog, and thought how about adding a tongue lashing out to devour and eliminate the mosquito. Now this tells a story!

The wording started out with ‘Mold & Mosquito Terminators’ and we added the ‘The Safe Way to Spray. ….Norfolk County’. This helps Adam tell potential customers they spray with the environment in mind and define his territory. We used red to match the  tongue and location to highlight the action(terminating the mosquito) of location of their target area.

Next, we prepared the branding for print. The door hangers carry over the new logo at the bottom and add the fact that they kill ticks and mosquitos.

Finally, we take the logo to the vehicle. Now there’s a lot of real estate on the van for additional advertising here. We have 2 full sides and the back of the van. We blew up the size of the logo, added a special place toward the back of each side for a phone number large enough to see from at least 100 feet, and added images of other insects that are terminated.

Logo Design and Branding after Crivello Signs

 Highlight your brand with Effective Print Design

Your print marketing materials are the only remnants of your company left behind after a meeting. Ensure your collateral makes the lasting impression you want and provides the best representation of your overall professional image.

Our print collateral and graphic design experts work with your team to develop, design and print the highest quality work that clearly communicates your branding and messaging to potential clients and partners.

From business card and brochure design to creating trade show displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print services that will establish your company’s brand.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Post Cards
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Tshirts

Request A Quote

Crivello Signs, Inc. has solutions for any application and budget. We are your creative sign design specialists. Our specialty is vehicle lettering and graphics for companies with fleets of any size.

For a Free, no obligation Sign Design Consultation and quote, call us today at 781-769-4478 OR visit us at www.crivellosigns.com.

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Retail Signs

Signs help your business get more customers

Do you know of a business without a sign. No? Exactly. How would you find a business without some kind of signage?

Signs help your business get more customers

There are many types of signs that will add value by getting your business visibility, credibility, and profitability. Whether you opt for the storefront sign, carved or architectural, or a road-side sign depends on your business.

In today’s competitive economy, having the proper advertisement for your store is a surefire way to gather a new customer base and excite existing customers about your products and services. Take advantage of our ability to create custom storefront signs that will inform and showcase your company to the community.

Storefront Signs

Regardless of your industry, it is absolutely essential to have a storefront sign. Not only do these signs help your existing customers find your place of business, but they can also help to draw in new clients.  You want fine designs, eye-catching creations and durable craftsmanship. With an in-house design team, we are more than capable of creating beautiful, innovative and eye-catching creations to make your establishment stand out from the competition.Your business might be a jewelry store, a library, law offices, or an outside strip mall of a variety of businesses. Investing in a carved sign with gold lettering will showcase your business on the high end. It adds character. It adds style.

Yard or Road-side Signs

For those types of businesses who go to the customer site to provide their products and services, such as a builders, painters, or any type of the trades, landscapers, or assisted living apartment leasing. One of the best forms of advertising is those yard sign or road-side sign you see. This tells surrounding residents and businesses that your company is working at a particular property. When people pass by and see these signs, it becomes obvious there is some type of renovation taking place. When they see how the new roof or new shingles spruces up the place, people will be calling you to help them make renovation improvements at their location. These types of signs are a powerful motivator to your next phone call.

How to make the most of your sign

Have your business name, phone number, and top specialty service you offer. Keep it simple. Make the Business Name and Phone number large enough to see. You waRoad-side signs advertise apartment leasingnt people driving by to be able to read at 30 mph. Work with your designer. Your business deserves a sign design unique and original that will perfectly express your company goals and personality.

Crivello Signs we take the time to meet with you, learn about your business and future goals and create a sign that will make you stand out from the competition.


By Carol Scalzo of Hit-the-Web Marketing

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Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

Caring for your vehicle with vinyl lettering and graphics

Caring for your vehicle with vinyl lettering and graphics

Using care and high quCaring for Vehicle Vinyl Lettering and Graphicsality products specifically designed for car cleaning and maintenance will keep your vehicle lettering and graphics looking their best. As with the paint on a vehicle, exposure to the elements is another factor that affects the life of a vinyl product. Protecting your vehicle with vinyl lettering and graphics from the elements as much as possible will extend the life of your investment.

Careful cleaning will go a long way in protecting your vehicle. It’s very important to learn about the steps in caring for your vehicle with vinyl lettering and graphics.

Vehicle Car Care DOs and DON’Ts


  • Hand wash your vehicle with a sponge or soft cloth.  A wash mitt works well.
  • Clean fuel spills immediately.
  • Cleaning products should be mild, non-abrasive, non-solvent liquid cleaners, such as
    • 3M™ Car Wash Soap 39000
    • Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash
    • Deep Crystal® Car Wash
    • Isopropyl Alcohol and water at a ratio of 2:1
    • Simple Green™ All Purpose Cleaner
  • Pre-clean difficult contaminates like bug splatter, bird droppings or tree sap by soaking with hot soapy water for several minutes.
    • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry thoroughly.
  • Keep the hose nozzle at least 1 foot (300 mm) away from and perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the graphic so water is not forced under the vinyl. Reminder: do NOT power wash.
  • Try to store the vehicle in a garage, or covered parking.
  • Park vehicle in the shade, whenever possible.


  • Do NOT a  power-wash as this may lift the vinyl.
  • Do NOT take your vehicle through an automatic car wash.
  • Do NOT go through a brushless car wash. The chemicals used to make up for brushes can do damage to the vinyl lettering.
  • Do NOT use a buffing wheel over the graphics.
  • Do NOT use the degreasers.
  • Do NOT rub hard at the edges of the vinyl.

Exposure to the elements

Store the vehicle in a garage or covered parking, if possible. If no covered parking is available consider a cloth cover or at least parking the vehicle in the shade during
the day.

Crivello Signs, Inc uses high-performance 3M vinyl’s for vehicle lettering lettering and graphics to ensure the longest life possible.

Contact us today! Call (781) 769-4478, send us a Request or visit our website at www.crivellosigns.com.


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