Eco Friendly Signs. Make The “Green” Choice.

What’s the Big Deal About Eco Friendly Signs?

“It’s not easy being green,” a famous frog once said. That was before Sign Foam, an excellent wood alternative material. It’s a “green” creative medium that’s eco friendly in many ways.

What is Sign Foam?

Sign Foam is a non-toxic, optimal wood replacement, so it saves trees. This durable material doesn’t support mold growth, or attract rodents and insects. It’s VOC(volatile organic compound) and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) free which makes this material used for Eco Friendly Signs better for your work, your health and for the earth. Also,  using Sign Foam in your Eco Friendly Signs may make them eligible for LEED certification points towards building credits. To receive  certification in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design program,  building projects earn points by meeting set standards to achieve different levels of certification.

Sign Foam is Made of Recycled Material

recycled water bottles into eco friendly signs
What Eco Friendly Signs are made of

What an inventive way to utilize the bazillion water bottles that get thrown out each day! This environmentally sustainable product is made of recycled plastic water bottles. Each sheet is made of 240 of those bottles. That makes the content Eco Friendly Signs signs made with  Sign Foam a minimum of 16% “green”. Something to think about the next time you throw an empty water bottle in your recycling bin.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Signs to the Environment

Sign Foam doesn’t emit toxic fumes. It doesn’t leach chemicals into the surrounding soil. It’s completely waterproof, it is unaffected by temperature change, and will not crack, rot or decompose. The advanced microcell technology of Sign Foam produces a fine, grain-free surface.  Eco Friendly Signs made with Sign Foam require fewer coats of paint and less maintenance. Less sanding, priming, painting means less finishing time results and less free floating debris and fumes in our air. And there are eco friendly safety benefits.  Sign Foam is flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.

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Sign Foam is Always Improving

In the 25 years that Sign Foam has been available to the industry, it’s been continually enhanced for improved environmental performance.  Technically and environmentally, this material is better for both the designer and the client. It allows the focus to stay on what counts – the quality of the finished product and it’s benefit to the environment. Sign Foam makes it easy to be “green”. For more information, visit our website at or call us at (781) 769-4478

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