High Performance Vinyl

Vinyl is just Vinyl

Vinyl is just vinyl, you say? When it comes to the level of quality used by Crivello Signs, vinyl isn’t just vinyl. We’re using high performance vinyl on your vehicles that endure the weather changes of the northeast. Based on the quality and life of this vinyl we think you’ll come to agree, if you don’t already. Read on.

Differences between high performance vinyl and low performance vinyl.

High Performance Vinyl 

Low Performance Vinyl

  • 7 to 8 years Life Span
  • Color doesn’t run
  • Good for Exterior Signs, Vehicle Lettering and Graphics
  • Good for long term use
  •  3 to 4 years Life Span
  • Oxidation of pigment causes the color to run from rain or melting snow
  • Good for Interior Signs, Banners
  • Good for short term use

Types of Vinyl

Metallic vinyl.

Metallic vinyl has metal flakes in the vinyl.  Metallic vinyl has a “Sparkle” effect. Metallic vinyl can be applied to hoods, trunks of cars, the dashboard, gauges, interior accessories, gas door lids, wheels, mirrors, handles, glass, cell phones, motorcycle plastics, metal and just about anything.

Opaque vinyl.

Opaque vinyl does have color, despite what you would think from the name. Opaque vinyl is non-light transmitting. This type of vinyl will not allow light to shine through the vinyl.  If put opaque vinyl onto an acrylic or lexan, it will block most or all light from shining through the sign face.  Opaque vinyl are used for most sign applications such as yard signs, window lettering, vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps.  These vinyls come in both intermediate (3 to 5 year lifespan) and hi-performance (7 to 9 year lifespan) which vary in price depending on what brand of vinyl is purchased.

High Performance Vinyl - Metallic. Crivello Signs

  Metallized PVC films vinyl  

Reflective Vinyl.

Reflective vinyl catches the light. This is great for vehicles because your vehicle lettering and graphics will be seen in the dark as well as the day. As you drive around other car lights will light up your company advertising. Reflective vinyl is great for use on fire trucks and ambulances because of its reflective quality. Works best on level surfaces.

 In summary, High Performance Vinyl is the vinyl of choice. You make an investment to advertise on your truck or vehicle and you want it to last. Choosing high performance vinyl is a smart choice! It’s a smart investment for long term returns.

Not sure which vinyl works for your vehicle lettering or exterior signs? Contact Crivello Signs to guide you through the process. For more information, visit our website at www.crivellosigns.com or call us at (781) 769-4478.

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